Every New Years’ people around the world decide to set a new bar of expectations for the upcoming year. For many individuals, this involves weight loss, exercise, and other mundane goals. However, a get set of New Years’ resolutions have the potential to set you apart from the pack and help you climb the corporate ladder.

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Program Topics

Topic-1: Learn how to delegate and get more of it

Topic-2: Get a Mentor

Topic-3: Learn something new

Topic-4: Join a new business organization

Topic-5: Give something back to your community

Topic-6: Put time on your calander

Topic-7: Set realistic goals

Topic-8: Don't make do; get a new one

Topic-9: Drop what's not working and move on

Topic-10: Make the difficult conversations

Topic-11: Invest in yourself and the team

Topic-12: Your corporate wellness

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