Analysis of Sales Reports

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Analysis of Sales Reports 

Knowledge of prospects and your own product isn’t enough for your team to find success and achieve sales goals. It's just as important to be able to read and analyze sales data, so you understand the factors affecting your team’s performance. This 2 days seminar can help you fine-tune your sales process or fill in gaps in knowledge if there are any.


How You will Benefit

  • Assess individual and team performance

  • Develop training plans 

  • Forcast future sales targets

  • Assess the overall health of the business


What You Will Cover 

  • What do we mean by sales analysis?

  • Sales pipelines and channels

  • Stages of Analysis tools:

  • Analysis charts.

  • Trend lines

  • The relation of sales with marketing tools and financial indicators

  • Formulas of present and future value

  • Weekly and monthly index

  • Applications

  • Analysis


​Training Approach

Your training experience with HOM includes:

  • Pre- program assessments to clarify your development needs
  • In class highly engaging experiential leaning activities
  • Post –program ongoing support through application tool kits and  phone call coaching sessions

​Who Should Attend?

Sales representatives and managers who are willing to enhance their knoweldge and practice.




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