Think Smart...Work Smarter

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Think Smart...Work Smarter

This program is filled with practical tools and effective techniques, all presented in a clear and practical manner to help delegates to make the right decision  armed with these new and proven strategies for decision making and problem solving. 


How You Will Benefit

  • Understanding  challenges, preparing research and gathering inspiration, e.g. mapping the customer experience journey.

  • Solving problems with a creative approach

  • Refining your ideas 

What You Will Cover

  • How Do We Learn A New Skill

  • Cycle of Performance Improvement

  • Creativity Versus Innovation
  • We are Living in a VUCA WORLD
  • Triple Constraint Principle
  • Types of Problems
  • Applying a 360 Visual Problem Solving
  • The Design Thinking Process
  • Diagnosing the Problem
  • Fishbone(Causes and Effects Diagram) – Ishikawa
  • Intuitive Thinking versus Rational Thinking
  • Brainstorming Rules
  • Negative Attitudes that Block Creativity
  • SCAMPER Tool for Generating Ideas
  • Impediments to Innovative Thinking
  • Ideas Selection Tools
  • Guidelines for Choosing Optimal Alternatives

Who Should Attend

Any individual who wants to be better equipped to face and solve today’s complex business problems by using a foundational process for reasoning and problem solving.

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