Corporate Communication

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Corporate Communication

This program provides in-depth coverage of different issues and topics in Public Relations literature catering for knowledge enhancement in particular areas of benefit to the corporate image and the hands-on executives’ expertise.

How You Will Benefit

  • Enhancing the expertise of hands-on executives and team members in particular fields of PR.

  • Assuring the link between the current operations with practical market insights.

  • Enable executives to upscale performance and achieve core values and objectives.

  • Set essential strategic approach for the corporate communication within the Public Relation department independently and in relation with other departme

What You Will Cover

Corporate Communication

  1. Conceptual Definition

      2.Key elements (vision, mission, core values, goals)

      3. The Four Cs

  • Corporate branding

  • Corporate identity

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Corporate reputation

Essential Skills

  1. Research Methodologies

      2. PR Writing

     3. Message Development

     4. Public Speaking

     5. Program Planning

     6. Event Planning

Internal Communication

         1 -Employee relations


          2 - Stakeholders Relations

          3 - Employee Programs


External Communication

  1. Media Relations


       2. Government relations


      3. Community relations

      4. Media Guide

      5. CSR Manual


Special Issues

  1. Crisis Communication


       2. Digital Communication


      3. Persuasion Methodologies

      4.  Crisis Manual


Public Image

  1. Conceptual definition

  2. Platforms Management

  3. Manual Develiopment



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