5 S Training

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5 S Training                  

5S Training is a team approach that will help you with implementing one of the most important lean manufacturing tools. It helps you organize your workplace and turn it into a safer, ergonomic, more efficient environment through organizing your layout and introducing visual management and standard ways of working.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the Five Keys to a Total Quality Environment

  • Explain the Importance of 5S and its Pillars

  • Practice a Step By Step Action Plan for Implementing 5S

What You Will Cover

  • Current Business Environment

  • TPM Pillars

  • 5S Contribution PQCDSM

  • 5 S Five Keys to a total Quality Environment

  • Practicing SEIRI(Sort, Clearing, Classify)

  • Practicing SEITON(Straighten, Simplify, Set in order, Configure)

  • Practicing SEISO ( Sweep, shine, Scrub, Clean and Check)

  • Practicing SEIKETSU( Sweep, shine, Scrub, Clean and Check)

  • Practicing SHITSUKE ( Sweep, shine, Scrub, Clean and Check)

    Prerequisites : The 5S training should be preceded by ensuring that there are clear objectives for both the direction of the company and for the specific working area in which 5S is to be applied.

    Training Approach:

  • The training is facilitated by a 5S consultant with extensive experience in the disciplines of 5S.

  • The use of simple simulations and practical workshops for participants can to observe the application and the potential of improvement.

  • Making the 5S Pledge

  • What Can 5 S Do for you

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