Strategic Sales Negotiations

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Strategic Sales Negotiations

Discover how to influence them and improve your profits! Regain the seller’s advantage over today’s more sophisticated purchaser with the help of this strategic sales negotiation training. Learn the tools, techniques and savvy sales negotiation tactics that enable you to influence your buyer’s perception of cost, value and benefits. Close the sale by maintaining a flexible position that successfully counters your buyer’s negotiating moves.


How You Will Benefit

  • Discover through sales negotiation training how to improve sales margins and closing ratios

  • Influence how customers view your product’s costs, benefits and value to them

  • Anticipate buyer behavior and turn it into an advantage

  • Establish your credibility with the buyer

  • Develop confidence-building skills that maintain your control of sales negotiations

  • Be ready to justify your price when meeting price specifications

  • Use creative advantages to counter competitive offers


What You Will Learn

  • Role of the Professional Salesperson
  •  Manipulative Selling and Consultative Selling

  • Recognize Key Sales Responsibilities of Professional Salespeople

Role of the Buyer Defined

  • Customer’s Perception of the Sales Negotiation Process

  • Understand the Concept of Selling Profitably

Role of the Professional Salesperson Redefined

  • Understand Buyer’s Motivation to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

  • Understand the Difference Between Selling and Negotiating

Win-Win Sales Negotiations

  • Develop Settlement Ranges and Plan Concessions

  • Complete the Sales Negotiation Planner

  • Determine If a Sales Negotiation Was a Winner for Both Sides

Power and Position in Sales Negotiations

  • Understand Fundamental Strategies for Various Power Positions

  • Become Aware of Different Sources of Real and Perceived Power

Increasing Your Personal Power in Sales Negotiations

  • Identify the Four Primary Negotiating Styles

  • Apply Basic Strategies to Favorably Influence Each of the Four Styles

Tips for Achieving Success as a Sales Negotiator

  • Key Elements That Lead to Success in Sales Negotiations

  • Using Powerful Sales Negotiation Planning Tools

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