The Customer is Always Right

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The Customer is Always Right

Have you ever had a customer situation that went really, really bad?

Have you have been faced by physical and verbal threats from your customers, outrageous demands or letters telling your boss how awful you are?

These are what we call the “Uh-Oh moments”. They are the un-planned and unforeseen situations that will eventually happen to you.

So let’s get you prepared!


How You Will Benefit

  • The  professional tools to handle unfriendly customer situations

  • Elements of excellent service that attracts customers and keep them coming back

  • How to boost your self-confidence to become the “boss” in dealing with these situations


What You Will Cover

  • Why These Customer Complaints Matter
  • Good Intentions Are Not Enough!
  • Leaning Into Criticism
  • Achieving Deep Acknowledgement
  • Avoiding Trigger Phrases
  • Powerful Problem Solving Tools
  • Reframing your Message
  • Becoming Immune to Intimidation
  • The Safe Way to Deliver Bad News

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